Katy Perry Covergirl picture is beautiful; ‘Prism’ gets preview on iTunes

Katy Perry Covergirl

Katy Perry Covergirl

Katy Perry’s Prism album isn’t out yet, but the fans got a sneak peek at the new music. Every day there is new news and now the  iTunes store offered up a 90 second preview of every single on the album. Of course who could ignore the biggest news of the morning as Katy Perry Covergirl is trending on Twitter.

“In just a few hours when the ITUNES store turns you will be able to preview 90 seconds of EACH song on #PRISM Who’s ready for the light?!” tweeted Katy Perry from her official Twitter account. Pointing fans to the site to hear the music, the first listen was available to everyone.

Katy Perry has been diligently working to get the fans ready to buy her album. Offering up a great performance on Saturday Night Live earlier in the week and now a preview, there isn’t an individual who loves her music that could claim they are disappointed!

If that wasn’t enough, Katy Perry announced that she is the new CoverGirl. An honor given to celebrities and stars who use the cosmetics, the star was so excited she shared the news with her fans first thing on Wednesday!

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