Would Kelly Clarkson make ‘The Voice’? Miranda Lambert weighs in

Kelly Clarkson (Kelly Clarkson/Twitter)

Kelly Clarkson (Kelly Clarkson/Twitter)

Kelly Clarkson is an accomplished artist and even sung for the president in January. Millions watched her performance and the music was amazing even in the cold crisp air. So how would Kelly Clarkson do if she was on The Voice? Suggesting that it was a dream of hers during a Rachel Ray program, many folks are wondering if the four chairs would turn around for her or other accomplished singers. Miranda Lambert chimed in about the situation suggesting the four coaches wouldn’t be interested.
“I saw @kelly_clarkson on Rachel Ray today. She said she wanted to try out @NBCTheVoice 2 see if chairs would turn. Hahaha! Prob not Kelly,” tweeted Miranda Lambert from her official Twitter account.

Miranda Lambert obviously was not attacking the star but making a viable point based on her observations with the show. The coaches are looking for stars that offer a little raw energy so they can be nurtured and the rough around the edges contestants want to be smoothed out. For those established artists, they already found the vocal flair to attract fans leaving the coaches little to work with.

The idea of getting famous artist to audition on The Voice would be phenomenal though. It could be a celebrity edition of the popular show and offer an idea of what is vocal talent versus popularity. Of course Kelly Clarkson has both so it’s likely all four chairs would turn around within seconds of her performance.

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