Kim Dotcom? Megaupload highlighted as Hollywood’s Villain (video)

Home of former Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom

Home of former Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom isn’t a man who visitors in Hollywood would even recognize. He’s never been on a movie poster and he hasn’t walked a red carpet, but he is the man who most consider a menace. On 60 Minutes during the Sunday night segment, he was profiled as an international outlaw and the image had many looking at the entertainment world in a whole new way. The hosting service, Megaupload, allegedly uploaded popular content and violated copyright laws.

While the man might have costed 550 million dollars to the business as he shared how to watch films and shows for free. The computer whiz has plenty to worry about as his MegaUpload website has him looking at federal charges.

The man currently lives in New Zealand and it appears he might night be coming back to America any time soon unless he wants to face charges.

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