Kindest Hollywood star? Fans pick top celebrity

There are dozens of lists outlining the best of every part of Hollywood. Add the award shows and it’s hard to believe there is just one more poll that needs attention. Yep, it’s the list highlighting the kindest Hollywood star currently in the city. Put together by NBC News, the fans have weighed in and the person who is highlighted as the kindness Hollywood star is definitely someone you might know. In fact, it’s someone everyone knows and she is known for being kind.

If you thought Ellen DeGeneres was the kindest Hollywood star, you are absolutely correct. The daily talk show host has been dancing for decades during the week and reminding people at the end of her broadcasts to be kind to each other. This simple message isn’t just said, but also shown as she gives things to people who have done the right thing and highlights people who have gone the extra mile. It’s what she does that helps people recognize what it means to have a kind heart.

Who is on the Kindest Hollywood Star List?

Of course Ellen wasn’t the only celebrity listed on the kindest Hollywood star list. Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift are also considered to be some of the kind people living in Hollywood. These folks are similar in many of the same ways. Not only do these celebrities work hard, they gift regular people and share the spotlight with heroes, plus they offer a spotlight to so many different charities that it’s amazing.

It’s always interesting to see which celebrities are helping the others (along with being kind) and then taking a peek at stars who aren’t as kind and compassionate. The comparison reminds us all that if we help others our impact will go farther. Plus, if you are sharing your success with others you just might have a happier life yourself! Do you agree with the choice of the kindest Hollywood star?

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