Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride opening: First Dive Coaster in California

New knotts berry farm hangtime ride 2018 Looking to check out the Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride? It’s opening in 2018 and fans of the theme park can hardly wait. Well, even if they are first in line, they need to be prepared as this isn’t like any other roller coaster in California. It’s the first dive coaster on the West Coast and it’s going to be an epic ride.

What is a Dive Coaster?

If you’re not familiar with a dive coaster, you might be wondering what is a Dive Coaster? Is that like a roller coaster? Or what?

Good question! Typically, it’s a special roller coaster where riders experience a moment of free-falling. On the ride there is typically at least one near 90-degree drop giving passengers the sensation of free-falling even though they are safely locked into their seats.

Looking at the Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride it appears riders won’t be disappointed when they take the plunge on this unique attraction. The ride is expected to take about two minutes and cause thousands of people to scream!

Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride: Twists, Turns and a Drop Plunging Down

The thrill of a dive coaster is the hold before the sensation of free-falling. The first look of the Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride shows the coaster almost coming to a stop at the top of the tracks, holding for what seems like a few seconds and then plunging down. The ride also offers a couple of slower loops and drops that look like epic fun. Combining the feeling of being twisted and turned, this dive coaster definitely has people excited to ride.

A New Roller Coaster? Expect Lines at Knotts Berry Farm

Since the nearest dive coaster is thousands of miles away, expect lines when arriving at the park for the day. The ride holds four people across and can get up to 57 miles an hour. Even so, the buzz around this ride has everyone expecting lines once it officially opens and during the vacation season.

Where is the Hangtime Ride located at Knotts Berry Farm?

The Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride will be at a familiar location in the park. THe roller coaster was built on the former site of Boomerang in Knott’s Berry Farm. While some attendees were disappointed that the area was upgraded, the excitement of the new ride has many people on the edge of their seats. Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride will be open by Summer 2018!

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