LA’s Original Farmers Market: Perfect for guests, locals to visit

Over the weekend I had a chance to head up to the Los Angeles Original Farmers Market on Third and Fairfax. Got to admit that even though I’ve been there a bunch of times, it never gets old. The browsing of the produce stalls, the amazing smells of food in the air and the gourmet grocers offer a chance to enjoy some of Los Angeles’ best on one of the busiest corners in the mid-city area.

The Original Farmers Market was, many years ago, part of Arthur Gilmore’s dairy farm. It’s hard to believe, but cows really did roam this area at one point enjoying grass. A look at the area today shows an entirely different contrast. One that still draws locals for fresh produce and out of town guests stop by on tour buses for a chance to see this iconic area.

The Original Farmers Market is very quaint

The best part of the Original Farmers Market is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy the area. Never the same experience twice either. It’s a place that is quite charming and still can offer you an experience, no matter your personal preferences. This is true even if you are a more refined shopper as The Grove is attached to the property and some of the biggest stores are there as well.

The history of the Original Farmers Market is amazing. Los Angeles residents, over the years, have come away from experiences from this area and the opportunity around the stores keep evolving. Add that the area has changed with more stores and a different vibe, and it’s the perfect place for an afternoon stroll.

What made me think about heading to the Original Farmers Market over the weekend was the brisk evening air that finally has ended Summer. With Thanksgiving only a few weeks off, the holidays trees and Christmas decorations are going up. This area is beautiful as the effort with all the lights puts anyone into the holiday spirit.

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