Lip Sync nightmares anger fans: Why do celebrities risk looking stupid?

Lip Sync nightmares are what you find in the tabloid headlines. A celebrity who is talented and has awards up the butt decides they won’t perform for real. Instead, they lip sync a song at a public venue and something goes terribly wrong. Fans have witnessed this again and again with little compassion as a star is dissected in the media.

It appears that once a year a famous person is reamed because of a technical malfunction or a fan gets upset and the issue of who lip syncs is in the news. As the world knows, it was Mariah Carey who got the cold shoulder from fans around the world after technical difficulties left her unable to follow her own songs.

Lip Sync nightmares vs. Lip Sync battles

The Lip Sync nightmares are very different than those lip sync battles we see on TV. As least we know in the battles the individuals, while famous, are admitting to fake singing. In a lip sync nightmare, the fans find out almost in an uncomfortable way that a singer is unwilling to sing their own songs at an event. Leaving a live performance reflecting on the lack of performance, it’s a disappointment.

Besides New Year’s Eve events, there are a number of times singers won’t sing. They just show up and dance. Did you know that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade requires lip syncing? Or that the inauguration four years ago was a lip sync job by Beyonce? What about those great award shows? Yes, some of the segments are moving lips. Most of the time, there is a 50/50 chance of no sounds coming from the famous lips moving.

I remember the first time I realized that Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade wasn’t live. I was devastated. I really thought all that rehearsal was about rehearsing. I guess it was, but for dance moves and not for anything else.

Lip Sync nightmares aren’t just awful for the viewers. It’s bad for the entertainers too. They lose fans who don’t understand why circumstances prevent them from singing. Sometimes it is truly too cold or they have health issues and deserve a break, but the fan’s projection of lip sync is one of being a lazy performer. And sometimes that’s true too.

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