Los Angeles facial hair competition? Trendy beards seen

What is 24 inches long and is under someone’s nose? If you were thinking it was something other than a mustache, you would be absolutely wrong. The Los Angeles facial hair competition was held this past weekend with hundreds of mustaches, beards and other facial hair being judged for the best. It’s an oddball competition that really has the interest of the community as the event goers all have extreme facial hair to share.

Surprisingly there was more interest about the competition outside of Los Angeles than around the community, but that didn’t stop ABC7 from showcasing a few follicles from the Los Angeles facial hair event. One man who was interviewed had a mustache that was two-feet wide and looked like it was an over-sized knife blade coming from his face as the hair was so thin and shiny.

The facial hair contests weren’t just for men. The hair was judged in 13 different categories, including sections for women and kids, as the competition was looking for the best of the best. Coming in from around the country, it appeared that if a person had a beard or mustache and was willing to travel, they could enter in the contest.

The unique looks at the competition might not just be for everyday wear. As trends start at places like this type of unique competition, there is no doubt that the public might see a new facial hair style at a theater real soon. Of course, if Hollywood decides to use one of these looks for a character doubtful that it will be the long mustache, but then again anything is possible.

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