Los Angeles filming locations: How fans can see TV filming

Visitors coming to Hollywood love to see television being filmed. The draw of the entertainment capital of the world has people coming from around the globe to see the lights, camera and action. What is disappointing to some is that having an exact idea of what to see or when to see it is impossible until they get to the hotel. Perhaps the biggest question I get when approached by visitors is how to find out about Los Angeles filming locations.

Of course everyone knows about getting tickets for talk shows, game shows and even different sitcoms at studios. However, most of those shows need advance tickets along with reservations that could be made months in advance. There are still ways to see Los Angeles filming locations, even if you just show up in town.

During the weekdays there is live taping (no ticket required) at Universal Studios Hollywood for Extra TV. Standing in front of the globe, the cameras are rolling as famous people talk about their current projects. This is a first come, first serve chance to see Hollywood in action and quite fun.

Another way to check out Los Angeles filming locations is to do a quick search online to see what might be filming on the streets of Los Angeles. Believe it or not, there is filming every day and people are working to make shots all around the city. One could meet some of the biggest TV stars on the planet just by watching a scene shot in downtown Los Angeles.

While the web is a great way to find out about Los Angeles filming locations, another quick way that is overlooked is just driving around on your day-to-day trips. It’s easy to spot a scene – both for movies and TV – being filmed. White trucks, a caterer truck and motorcycle cops are the first bit indication that you have run across a location. Typically, there will be no parking signs and you can see what studio or show is using the area. Since permits are issued for filming, there is no secrets when it comes to Los Angeles filming locations. If you can’t find out, go to the nearest storefront and ask. Every owner has to be notified in writing of the filming and some are even paid for the inconvenience.

Asking around is the best way to find out Los Angeles filming locations. People typically will offer up details of what can be seen on the fly. Just remember to be respectful of the space that actors need to work in as they are on the clock.

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