Los Angeles for 2024 Summer Olympics? Hollywood loves idea

The 2024 Summer Olympics might be years off, but if Los Angeles has any wishes left it could be the place the Olympics call home. After Boston backed out of the Olympic bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, people started talking in Southern California on bringing the games back to the area. This has been a Hollywood dream for decades. In fact, folks who were proud to see the possibility brought to the table with a four billion dollar price tag attached feel that the third time would outshine the past two summer games as people are excited to host all the Olympic athletes.

Los Angeles has twice played host to the summer Olympic Games. First in 1932, and then again in 1984, both of which were profitable for the Los Angeles area. A strange historical fact about the Los Angeles Olympic games is in 1984 was it was the most profitable Olympics in history. Profits recorded at over $200 million and it’s never been duplicated at any other city.

Hollywood loves the idea of bringing the 2024 Summer Olympics to the area too. Celebrities would be seen supporting the athletes and people would pay big bucks to get tickets. The area would love the chance to prove once again that Los Angeles is the best place to spend the summer.

When the Special Olympics World Games came to town a few weeks back the area hosted over a half of a million people. Offering a look at how the area dealt with the extra traffic and more people, it’s obvious that the area could handle the Olympics too. Yes, everyone might whine when the President comes to town to see the Opening Ceremonies, but we whine every time he comes to town anyway as he blocks miles and miles of streets.

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