Los Angeles Zoo has babies; viper snakes, otters recently born

The Los Angeles Zoo has a baby boom going on. These young animals should be the reason to stop by the zoo for a  visit. Known as one of the best zoos on the Pacific coast, guests will find the zoo open daily. The support that stars offer this institution has people always keeping an eye on what is happening too. The elephants, monkeys and a few other animals have been supported by monetary pledges from celebrities helping create a comfortable environment with their settings.

Perhaps that’s why the baby news coming from the zoo is quite strange as this isn’t the typical baby announcement. The river otter family has grown substantially at the zoo and the first glimpse of the animals at the zoo was seen this week. A litter of three pups was born March 28, and the animals are settling in nicely.

The other babies recently born at the zoo are known for their nasty bite. Eight Armenian vipers born at the Los Angeles Zoo this month. The slippery snakes aren’t usually successfully bred at a zoo, but there have been two litters born in the last few weeks. Guests can see the snakes hanging with their parents at the Living Amphibians, Reptiles and Invertebrates exhibit and the chance to see the young snakes at once is a rare moment.

When it comes to babies born at the zoo, there is always so much hoopla when it comes to elephants, giraffes and other animals, but snakes don’t get that much attention. Perhaps that’s because the slithering animals make people uncomfortable. Whatever the reason, visitors are still are heading to see the animals over the summer and a few people are checking out these rare births.

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