Minnie Mouse on Hollywood Walk of Fame: Look who is getting a star

Minnie Mouse probably will have her best polka dot outfit. She might even invite Mickey Mouse. The popular Disney character is getting a special acknowledgement on Monday, January 22, the character will get the 2,627th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Joining Mickey Mouse, who got a star in 1978, the entertainer will have fans from around the world lining up to see her accept the honor.

Minnie Mouse’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Oddly, this Hollywood Walk of Fame star has even the older fans excited. As we all know, the beloved star has been around for decades. Minnie is celebrating her 90th anniversary of the release of Steamboat Willie. She’s been in more than 70 animated films. Frankly, it’s surprising she hasn’t got more aged over the years with her workload. As we know the charm that comes with the entertainment business includes amazing skin care.

The ceremony for Minnie Mouse’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star might be slightly different than other moments in Hollywood. Don’t expect Goofy or Mickey to be speaking at this event. It probably just won’t happen. They come for the photo opportunities primarily. Slated to speak is someone from the Walt Disney Corporation and maybe a few other people. Hopefully, they will all be dressed in polka dots so we can see how committed they are to Minnie (I joke, but it would be extremely awesome.)

What’s different about the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars recently?

Walking around Hollywood aimlessly on Saturday, I realized the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars are definitely spreading out. More and more celebrities are being offered an opportunity to be acknowledged for infinity. There seems to be a need for more sidewalk. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier to see it! The thing about Hollywood is that visitors come from every part of the world to see the TV and movie magic. Most leave with awe as the world behind the shows is shared. Unfortunately, guests also leave after dropping a large amount of cash on museums, tours and the like too.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the few attractions that give people extreme joy without charging an arm and leg. You can go day or night. Look for a celebrity you appreciate when you arrive. Or just browse the stars. There is no reason to pay except if you parked your car and then I would suggest you  pay the meter. This aspect of the area is quite charming and even showing up to see Minnie Mouse on Hollywood Walk of Fame is free too.

Even Minnie Mouse faces equality issues

On a final note, I admit it is intriguing it is that it took fifty years after Mickey’s star for Minnie Mouse’s star. She is being acknowledged. If you were looking for an obvious example of how far women lag behind in the entertainment world, this would be it. This is shocking. Many of the films where Minnie was part of the show, Mickey was too. Thankfully today Minnie will get her moment!

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