National BobbleHead Day 2019: Have you Been to the Hall of Fame

National BobbleHead day 2019 is January 7th (on social media tag your content #Nationabbobbleheadday or #bobbleheadday) and I’m wondering, how many have bobbleheads have you collected? Yes, it’s a thing. Real thing to be exact. Both the day and the Bobble Head Hall of Fame.

Collecting Bobble Heads is a thing..Why not celebrate?

When it comes to bobble heads, I think of two things: MLB and Disney. Both of which offer unique and different figurines that have heads wobble. It’s becoming a serious hobby to showcase all the bobbleheads you collect. It’s so serious that National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum houses the world’s largest collection of bobbleheads known to man (and woman.) A very cool and unique idea that doesn’t have any competition. Who else thought of moving so many big bobbleheads to one location and open up a museum (not I said the woman in Los Angeles.)

Who can be highlighted on National Bobblehead day?

Bobbleheads are selective to one genre. The idea that anyone can be a bobblehead, even the used car guy down the street, is what makes the product so enticing. From movie stars to Mickey Mouse, from Rock stars to political commentators, anyone can have their image remembered forever with a bobblehead.

National Bobblehead day 2019 is brilliant. So celebrate.

There has been something very unique about bobbleheads over the years. It’s a way to capture a person in time (and even a few animals.) Then it pulls off a very cute, almost funny aspect with the head moving side to side. How far it moves and where it goes is what make this so very cool. It’s all under control by the actual person tapping the head to move.

This silly little hashtag holiday might be a great excuse to pull out your bobblehead figurines from the closet, wipe off the dust and enjoy a little quality time with your favorite head moving people. From baseball players to celebrities there are so many wonderful people to celebrate with this idea.

If you’re trying to figure out a way to celebrate National Bobblehead day, whip out your bobble head and the cell phone. Take a quick video of your bobblehead moving back and forth for a few seconds. Edit the video to increase the speed and loop it a few times so it’s around 45 seconds. Post the video with hashtags and see what comes of it! Who knows, you might have the bobblehead that brings the masses together! Or at least offers up a good laugh!

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