New Disneyland Halloween book: Mickey Mouse goes boo

Disneyland HalloweenFinally it is finished! For the pat few weeks I have been working on my new title for Amazon on going to the 2014 Disneyland Halloween party. Since I am too old to trick-or-treat and I have never been to a haunted house, this is the next best thing. The chance to be slightly scared, but still have the option to actually go to sleep that night makes the night so much fun.

The idea of the book came from going year after year. It’s impossible to see a themed fireworks show that focuses on orange and purple any other time of the year. Or interact with nefarious characters as they roam the park and carry on about their evil ways. Overall it is a chance to enjoy a little evil without too much commitment. Add the Disney angle of being allowed to be in costume and it’s impossible not to get carried away in fun.

The book will be out this week and I can’t tell you how excited I am. Yes, I love Disneyland, but my heart that goes into each one of my books isn’t just about guiding a person through the theme park but having a great time when you go.

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