New Year, New Beginnings: 2018 is looking good

It’s a New Year! It might only be a few hours into 2018, but the year already seems to be looking good. The traditions and partying around the New Year has people smiling and enjoying life. That’s how an epic year should roll in. The shiny gloss and happy feelings of 2018 should bring hasn’t worn off yet. Again, being a few hours in, that’s to be expected. Hopefully we get to feel good about the future for a few more weeks too!

2018 New Year’s resolutions

The New Year always brings in the New Year’s resolutions. I’m always torn about resolutions. I’m a goal person. Love to suggest that resolutions are the way to go, but they are so far in the future. Perhaps it’s my short attention span, but I’d prefer a 30-day goal over a year resolution any day of the week. It’s more doable. It’s also more realistic. Plus, I’ve never been good with long term stuff. It’s probably the way I was raised in the storage unit. We lived day to day. I still live that way as an adult too. Sometimes I find myself panicking if there will be enough food for tomorrow (and we have a pantry full) or if the house key will fit in the hole to get in after going on an errand.

For other folks there is no doubt New Year’s resolutions work wonders. To them I say, get a move on it as 2018 is in full swing.

A few of the goals I have this month include finishing up my pitch for a show and getting it to agents, finalizing the last few pages of a book I’ve written and enjoying National Puzzle Day (January 29th). There is a month long celebration planned so I’ve got plenty of work to do.

It’s always about the future: The New Year kicks off

The previous year had plenty of tragedy, heartache and even a little drama. Yet, it seemed like any other year in some ways. That old year is officially in the rear view mirror with the New Year ready to rumble. I can’t say enough how excited I am to try new things, enjoy a few old things and live betting in 2018. I know it will be easy now and more difficult in a few weeks, but I’m for the challenge! Who knows what the future might bring? I for one am ready to find out!

Happy New Year!

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Jodi Jill currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Addo. Sharing her love of books and words, she is a literacy speaker, professional writer and syndicated columnist.

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