Oscar Party invites: Hollywood celebrations gear up

The Oscar party invites are in the mail and the dress shops are busy. With only a few days to go for the big day, there is much preparing to be done. Some of the biggest stars on the planet will be walking down the red carpet and everything has to be perfect. Yes, Hollywood celebrations are gearing up.

Oscar Party invites: Do you have one?

The Oscar parties are the biggest of the year. Lavish and detailed down to the tiniest element, there is nothing quite like a night after the Oscars. Of course, most of the people enjoying the weekend show are actors, but they aren’t the only folks. Every part of the entertainment world takes time out to enjoy this experience. From hair designers to audio professionals, the Oscar party invites included everyone who had something to do with the business of movies.

Not everyone shows up to the Oscars. It’s not because they don’t have Oscar party invites either. Some stars believe that when they (or their closer friends) aren’t nominated, it’s not good to come to the show. Not only does it take time and effort to get to the event looking perfect, it also might hurt publicity for a future project. When it comes to PR, the entertainers (and their staff) strategize to have the perfect angle and the majority of the attention. It’s not necessarily possible to get all the attention if there are dozens of other talented people in the room.

For those of us who don’t have a pile of Oscar party invites, the chance to watch on TV (or online) with our friends is a great way to spend the day. No fashion restrictions. No perfect hair styles. Just a bowl of our favorite snacks and a few good friends to dissect the show. Heck, the viewers at home might have the best seat in the house and nobody will be telling them to hush while the presenters are talking.

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