Pop up shop phenomenon: 8 hour wait for 120 dollar shirt

The Pop up shop phenomenon has people jumping through hoops to get limited merchandise. The latest store, in North Hollywood honored the musical entertainers Daft Punk and all they shared with the fans. While some were thrilled to see this pop up shop experience arrive in Los Angeles, other shoppers were just plain annoyed.

Pop up shop experience: Long lines, high prices

The Pop up shop experience isn’t really one people talk about. Typically, the best part is buying the merchandise you want AND meeting other fans. It’s the dark side of the locations that continue to have people ask why they go. Take the Daft Punk pop up shop for example of comparison of weird rules and shipping issues.

There are long lines that even for LA standards are ridiculous. On weekends, some shoppers expected to wait 8 hours (or longer). Why? Roughly 35 shoppers allowed in the Hollywood store at a time. This makes it hard to get in and get out with limited access. Add that there are limits to certain items. To control the eBay and other sellers, the limitations are set to give a little bit to everyone. However, we haven’t even touched on the costs. According to the Los Angeles Times a shirt at the Daft Punk pop up shop costs $120. Smaller items, like stickers, magnets, etc go for $10, $20 or more each.

The reality of a music lover’s pop up shop is that you either stand in line yourself for limited merchandise or you pay over-the-top prices to dealers who post their clothing online for fans to buy. This idea of a pop up shop is definitely a money making machine for entertainers. It’s not bad for fans if they can minimize their time and pay for items that celebrate their favorite music. Yet that idea might be tough when hundreds, if not thousands of people have the same idea.

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