Pressure felt on Hollywood: Will movie theaters get security?

Hollywood is feeling the pressure of how to keep ticket holders safe during their trip to the movies. The news of incidents of bad guys aren’t just on the film screens anymore and now the real life impact of repeated criminal activities at movie theaters is making Hollywood reassess how to keep their fans safe. The latest attack in a Nashville movie theater has people wanting this violence to stop. Technically, it is the movie theater who is responsible for security, but for decades the studios in Hollywood have offered advice on how to make the theater experience the best for the paying customer.

Customers go to the theater was a chance to get away from the problems of the real world. People are offered love stories, adventures, animation and even intense documentaries to be entertained. Now one of America’s most sacred locations needs to reconsider the security options to keep everyone safe. What most folks might not know is potentially the attacks could hurt the bottom line of the studio’s box office take home. When tickets aren’t bought, not only does the theater lose money, so does the studio. The public is now wondering how safe it is when going to the movies.

So what can be done to keep people safe in the movie theater? That question is exactly what is being discussed in the entertainment industry. It could be that security needs to be brought in, just like a MLB game, to provide safety. Or maybe a few trained officers similar to what is seen at department stores should be in the halls. Whatever the decision, it needs to happen soon as people are hesitating to head to the movies in America and many are staying home. It’s not surprising that Netflix, Hulu and Amazon sales are seeing an increase because of the fear the public has about movie theaters. This single negative element might push digital sales above box office receipts and squeeze the Hollywood’s studios to make a drastic change.

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