Pumpkin patch tradition in LA: All you can carry

Los Angeles might not be the ideal image of a Pumpkin patch with all the concrete and skyscrapers, but that hasn’t stopped the local farmers from bringing in the orange gourds from different fields around the area and putting together a traditional looking pumpkin patch. Which brings me to a Los Angeles tradition this week that could have had every pumpkin lover in America extremely jealous.

For five bucks the doors of the local pumpkin patch were opened and it was all you can carry. This annual tradition is a way for farmers to sell off the fun holiday decorations and for people to haul as many as they could to the car. Known for fun, the all you can carry is a one-time trip that includes walking about 12 yards with your hands holding the pumpkins — no help allowed — yet you can’t drop them (or you can’t take them home.)

Pumpkin Patch question: How many pumpkins can you carry at once?

All the pumpkins you can carry sounds easy, but it’s not. Watching the pumpkins being hauled away, it was obvious that five bucks was about three good size pumpkins worth of product. A few people walked away with four pumpkins and I saw one guy with five pumpkins. However, four seemed to be the magic number. Unless, the pumpkins were over 15 pounds and then the people were lucky if they could take two pumpkins home.

The magic of this event had to be in how the people tried to carry their prizes away. It was a struggle and a challenge, but the compelling focus of taking home some serious loot had people working as hard as they could to make it happen.

The moral of this story? This week there will be dozens of jack-o-lanterns meeting the kids at the doors. Some of which were awkwardly carried out to the car in one of the strangest traditions that Los Angeles is known for!

Happy Halloween!!

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