Ready for a Hollywood strike? WGA members might picket in May

Wow! Did you hear a Hollywood strike is possible next week? Viewers might see picket lines at the beginning of May. In a historic turnout, the WGA members gave authority to the union leaders to call a strike if contract isn’t ironed out by next week. While there seems to be movement in the talks, it appears that everyone is readying for the worst in this situation. Yes, we are talking about a possible strike within the next ten days.

The idea of a strike is quite remarkable in today’s entertainment world. There are so many outlets where writers are employed, compared to ten years ago, this will impact many if it really happens. Offering to walk could put the upcoming season in jeopardy and it definitely would hurt late night TV.

A Hollywood strike could be the only bargaining chip the writers of TV and movies have to get better terms. The contract expires on May 1 and the primary concerns don’t seem to be ironed out. Walking the picket line (or even the threat of walking the picket line) is going to get everyone’s attention.

While no official strike has been called yet, there are already rumors that it might be averted. Viewers of shows and TV fans have a lot of clout in this battle when it comes to helping the writers. While those affected by the contracts work in Hollywood, the results of what is seen impacts the entire country.

A Hollywood strike has happened before

Union workers and TV fans alike are using their voice to display displeasure on idea of losing the folks who write and are a major part of the process. The voices heard from outside of the Hollywood strike line are powerful and people know they will be heard when expressing their displeasure.

Will there be a Hollywood strike? Or are people just making noise? In Hollywood you can never tell, that’s why everyone is preparing for this to go either way. Nobody wants to see a strike, but sometimes it just happens.

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