Readying for awards; Hollywood’s countdown to award shows

award showIt might be the holiday season in America, but in Hollywood it is the last minute preparations for the award season. Once the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve, people will kick off the countdown for all the big award shows. Resting up before the big season is essential, but that comes only after preparation.

By now, people who are going to the shows have already filled out the paperwork and have either been accepted or rejected to work at the shows. Some award shows are far more picky than others, leaving journalists, bloggers and writers fighting like children for their small space. Then there are the photojournalists who need space for the picture taking too. Once the decision has been made on who will come and who watches from home, the next step is the equipment and fashion.

Believe it or not, people working the red carpet are fashionable too. Of course there are a few folks who look like they fell out of bed, but picking out the outfits before the actual season is important. The only thing worse than looking bad on a red carpet is wearing the same outfit twice. Apparently, it’s disrespectful to recycle fancy fashion.

After the clothing, the countdown means making sure all the equipment works properly, the wi-fi is in place and showing up on time to pick up those passes. Offering up ID and a picture, the pass is the only way to get on the red carpet (or near any award show) for reporting.

The Hollywood Award season is on the verge of a countdown. Don’t be surprised to hear the buzz of what might be trending in 2015. And be ready for dozens of entertainers to walk the red carpet.

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