How to be on a reality TV show? More and more fans want to know

Recently I was sitting at a function when a young woman came over and asked a question I have been asked a billion times. She wanted to know how to be on a reality TV show. Mind you, I have never been on a reality show personally, but I have met bunches of reality stars and been on reality show set a number of times around Hollywood.

It appears to me those folks who claimed that reality shows were a thing of the past were wrong. Like really wrong. As reality shows have been pushing along quite steadily with new ideas and concepts using everyday people, there hasn’t been much of a slowdown and people still want to be in front of the cameras.

People who watch the shows get to see how the final product looks, with a lot of cutting in the editing room, and it looks quite appealing. Yet, there is a dark side to this profession too. Some folks walk away very upset about situations they felt forced to do or issues that weren’t covered on the show. Recently, a contestant of The Biggest Loser announced she was going to release a no-so-nice book revealing on how she was treated.

It would be foolish not to try to be on a reality TV show, if that is what you really want, so I gave the question some thought. So what advice would I give to anyone who wants to know how to be on a reality show?

1. Apply, apply and apply. Contestants are found by showing up (or sending in) your details.

2. Pay attention to what the producers are looking for and know your type. Are you a bad boy? The bombshell? Or the nerd? Are you the girl next door? Your type will be cast into a reality show at some point so you need to find it.

3. If you get an audition, give it your all. Show your best side and tease the producers with a juicy secret about yourself.

4. Keep in touch. For reality shows, it’s obvious you don’t need to live in Hollywood and so you need to keep in touch.

5. Post regular pictures on your social media. Producers who get your details will scout you out before approaching you. Dangle some photos, offer up some details and show off your good side.

6. Finally, be yourself! Editing makes the characters you see on television. Let the editors decide how they will portray you in the series.

Reality shows aren’t big paying gigs, but the exposure is endless. Some folks go on for years just being a reality star. Others just fulfill their dream and move on.

Would I ever be on a reality TV show? Of course, and I even know the process is intense. We all have that moment where we want to be acknowledged for our lives!

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Jodi Jill currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Addo. Sharing her love of books and words, she is a literacy speaker, professional writer and syndicated columnist.

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