Reality TV all day, all night? New streaming service

Reality TV fans are going to be delighted in hearing the latest announcement about the new service Hayu. It’s a streaming service that allowed reality TV lovers to watch unscripted shows for people to watch. It’s probably going to have plenty of drama (depending on the episode) and plenty of excitement as rarely there is a dull moment for these shows. With an opportunity to binge watch day and night, it’s not going to be surprising to meet someone watching while on a train, bus or walking down the street.

The service is catering to people who want to watch reality TV on the go. The opportunity to see shows off your TV and on your cell phone, tablet or computer is reality that seems to cater to the busiest of fans. Add the convenience of a service to watch your favorite stars, and it’s perfect.

This latest twist in the reality TV world is another interesting way for people to watch celebrities who allow cameras into their homes. There has always been a simplicity of filming and airing the shows, but this takes the idea to a whole new level and it’s ingenious in so many ways. The filming is already complete and the shows are already done. The only thing left to do is license the show for new viewers to watch.

Reality TV has become the new normal

The only drawback to this service is it won’t be seen in America at the moment. Hayu will be available primarily to viewers in European countries and Australia. This is really good news for reality TV stars looking for new fans. Introduced to people who typically wouldn’t be watching in America, folks will be reaching out on social media from around the globe. It will only further the brand of many of these stars and offer continued opportunities.

Even though this all sounds great, I’m still hung up on the idea of watching reality TV 24/7. I barely can manage my own reality, let alone be willing to watch hours of someone else’s world.

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