Red carpet fun: 2018 Hollywood award show season kicks off

If you are lucky enough to walk the red carpet in the next six weeks, it’s likely that you’re heading to a 2018 Hollywood award show. The season kicks off this weekend and will last until the middle of March. Plenty of famous people will be in Hollywood (and around town) enjoying the opportunity to smile for the cameras and sharing their new projects for the upcoming year. While some fans might dismiss the idea of the Hollywood award show season, it’s actually quite important to get the word out.

Hollywood award show season: Fans get hints of upcoming projects

With the walk down the red carpet, the cameras and mics come out quickly. Trying to catch the latest scoop about projects, it’s a jungle out there. Dropping hints for upcoming projects, fans learn so much from the stars during this time. The excitement that comes with the details has fans tuning. Well, that and how their favorite stars look.

Prepped, stars know exactly what they are allowed to share. Sometimes celebrities wait to talk with pals in the media. Other times, they tell blogs focused on their shows. It all depends on the moment. Plus, if some interviewers are persuasive enough, they get details.

Glitz & Glam: It costs to look that good

The thing about the 2018 Hollywood award season that most people don’t realize is that it pumps a lot of money into the economy. It costs big bucks to offer up such a fancy look. From the banners and the parties, to the painted fingernails and the plucked eyebrows. Obviously celebrities want to look their best and pull all the stops. Keep in mind that Los Angeles is a town already full of pretty folks, so to go the extra mile is really noticed around town. And it’s seen on TV.

2018 Hollywood award show season

The Hollywood award show season is more than a few big shows, it’s almost every award show in entertainment. Along with a few others for good measure. I have to admit that it might be less stressful to spread these shows out during the calendar year. Then again, if Hollywood did that it would be scheduling chaos. As soon as the curtains close on the final award show, celebrities hit the road to start filming projects and will work tirelessly until the next big break

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