Renaming Hollywood Studios theme park: A Disney World change

When guests of Walt Disney World found out there are plans in the wind to rename Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando, it appeared that the web was going to have a meltdown this past week. This park has already seen a name change already and it seems that out of the all the theme parks the Walt Disney Corporation owns it is the most controversial theme park of the bunch. No matter how you feel about the name change, the hoopla of what it might be named won’t be quieted down any time soon.

For people who don’t go to the theme parks in Orlando often, the idea of getting all riled up over a name seems a bit juvenile. Which could be understandable as it is only a name. However, the issues with this park, compared to others, might be pinpointed to the idea that the elements of this park have change so drastically that it is jarring to the guests. From the sorcerer hat, that some considered an eyesore, to the different rides that keep opening and then closing, it’s the one park that is always in an upheaval.

The future plans have been carefully revealed. There are many attractions and shows closing at the theme park and new rides are expected to be introduced over the next few years. Bringing to life the characters that Disney currently owns, the guests will experience more common (and current) themes that perhaps aren’t found when hanging out with Mickey Mouse.

It’s safe to assume that no matter what the Walt Disney Corporation decides to rename the park, there will be controversy. People didn’t like the first name, they don’t like the idea of it being called Hollywood Studios and there will be some folks who already have suggested that a new name is a bad idea too. Which is sort of silly in a way. Progression in life only happens when things change, even if it is just a simple name of a theme park.

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