Ridiculous screaming by fans at MTV Movie Awards

Jodi at MTV movie awards

Outside MTV Movie Awards (I didn’t take camera inside because I didn’t get permission.)

The MTV Movie Awards always seem to be the oddball award show that offers up more movie clips than award time on stage. Absolutely nothing wrong with that as the viewers have come to expect the formula. Add some zany stunts as well as previews for the summer movies and it is a couple hours well spent for viewers who love the movies. This year my trip to the Nokia at the LA Live event center definitely had me pondering what type of antics would be seen live.

The 2014 show will go down as a pretty tame award show. To my surprise (and many other people as well) the show really didn’t have any over-the-top social media moments. It could have really used some serious Ron Burgundy finesse. That’s not to say it was bad, but the crazier the award show is, the more likely the following year the show needs to measure up and then some.

Let me tell you watching an award show live is like nothing seen on television. There is all the equipment hanging around, the audience participation is a job by itself and the show is going on. Catering to the viewers at home, sometimes it is really hard to hear if just sitting watching the show. And then I admit there was my distraction last night. I was guessing what angle the producers might use for the television viewers. I could see the show fine that way too.

Last night was over the top screaming. Ridiculously loud volume too. During the Rihanna and Eminem performance I was struggling to hear the two artists on stage. The vocal cords of the crowd was amplified by the high roof and it appeared they were egging each other on. Some of that was picked up by the microphones (I heard it on the videos this morning) but the fans are so in the moment they don’t really know they are sounding like a victim almost being murdered…

Luckily, my spot was far enough away to hear — for the most part, a monitor to see what was happening for TV and I had a seat. Those folks in the front had my sympathy. Not only did they stand for the majority of the show in the pits between the stage extensions, most of the ladies were wearing heels. Bet most fans when home with sore ankles and whispers for voices.

Sometimes when I go to the shows I bring ear plugs and it is because of the fans. The screaming of a two-hour show can make anyone bang their heads against a chair repeatedly in hopes to get the shrills out. I got a guy who gives me the industrial strength ear plugs (like what they use at airports.) It sounds mean and I definitely don’t want to be, but lingering screams after a show can get caught in one’s mind. I sometimes get pretty bad headaches. There is one reality singing competition I actually have to wear them during commercials breaks as the fans won’t stop screaming. Encouraged by the warm up guy, it’s ridiculously loud. This show mostly has a crowd is full of young adults who have endless energy to shriek.

I say scream your lungs out at Disneyland. Apparently, especially after last night, screaming for famous people is cool too. I will make a note of this and adapt as needed.


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