Saga of the Slurpee; food inventions are quite amazing

Slurpee GoodnessI have been working on my new book over the weekend about inventions and admit I came across a little nugget of information that made me giggle. As a huge fan of Slurpee drinks in the summer months, to me the beverage has become synonymous with the company 7-Eleven. Well, perception is definitely favoring the convenience store.

In my research, I have discovered that the slushy drink was invented by a Dairy Queen owner. And an employee of the famous convenience store chain changed the name of the drink to Slurpee (in honor of that sound you hear when you get to the bottom of the drink) and started putting the machines in their stores around the country. Of course, the rest is history as people think about a Slurpee being the unofficial, official drink of summer. Perception is definitely favoring the better name of the drinks. And so does the marketing.

Call it what you will: slushy, Slurpee, half frozen drink. It’s the same thing, but it has that extra definition that offers one convenience store chain a huge boost. While the real origin is a surprise to some people as Dairy Queen is perceived to be all about the ice cream.

The moral of this story? I’m thirsty and on my way to the studio I am stopping at 7-Eleven off the Hollywood freeway. Well, that and my invention book for kids on foods and kitchen appliances is finished. Not only was the book great to put together, I got to learn so much about how things were discovered. If you think I am giddy about a Slurpee, don’t even get me started about chocolate chips.

Now that the book is being reviewed and edited, my next big project today is another video. The new microphone arrived and I am excited to try it out!

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