Self-driving cars in Hollywood? Locals claim sightings

Have self-driving cars arrived in Los Angeles yet? The streets of Hollywood are chaos. Technically that defines every day during rush hour (and any time in between). However there has been a lot of talk about the influence of what will happen when more cars without drivers hit the congested streets. Pedestrians are everywhere walking Los Angeles streets so how will people deal with adding this whole new element of self-driving cars? Frankly, the moral dilemmas of this technology is getting complicated.

It’s interesting that people are nervous of losing control of the steering wheel. A survey suggests that 76% of those drivers asked would be uncomfortable riding in a car without a human driver. Now with the vehicles hitting the road locally, there are concerns that the cars without a human brain will need to make life and death decisions. Especially off the freeways.

Self-driving cars could star in a Hollywood movie

The programming of self-driving cars will determine how a car will react. If the car might crash, then there will be a certain response and that’s what is grabbing headlines about this new technology. Apparently, the driver could be killed inside the vehicle, if, the car determines it would save more lives outside. We all know that driving skills teach us to be careful, but the scenarios we face are never optimized to offer a percentage of survival. That’s what a self-driving car will do and it chooses the path that saves the most souls. It’s a scary thought and it’s making people rethink the idea of losing control.

Traffic in Los Angeles is already tough so how can this help? The additional challenges of a metro area appear to be something that is currently being researched.  It sounds quite weird, but sightings of self-driving cars have already been reported in Hollywood. Social media has videos posted and some say the first look is fake. True or not, it’s making some people uncomfortable that a car who is driving makes decisions at street corners where many people are waiting to cross. So the big question to ask is if there is an accident who will survive? And is it going to be safe to walk around Hollywood and Highland?

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