Star Wars Hollywood premiere: Fans line up days early

The Star Wars Hollywood premiere will be difficult to miss, even from space. One of the biggest events since the Oscars,the huge tent erected down Hollywood Boulevard for this week’s special premiere is going to have everyone and their little green alien excited to see the sci-fi movie.

Star Wars Hollywood Premiere gets the red carpet rolled out

There is going to be no shortage of fans willing and waiting to catch a glimpse of the big film in Hollywood. In fact many fans have already started lining up to have good spots. On the news last night there were several fans who admitted they had no tickets and no way of getting in, but that didn’t matter to them. They were there to see what could be seen and had a really great spot to catch a glimpse. The only issue is that they will need to wait another day before the stars start walking by. Another couple exchanged wedding vows on the streets of Hollywood just before the big premiere.

The Star Wars Hollywood premiere might be blocks of fun, but it also offers up some serious expectations. Not everyone is convinced this movie is as good as everyone expects it will be. Disney has done a great job keeping the film secrets carefully locked up and away from the fans so nobody — technically — has any spoilers for this movie and if they say they do, well then their liars.

The dream of any good writer, strong actor or even a director is to have a film attract so much attention that the world stops, albeit briefly, to appreciate a moving picture. Star Wars: A Force Awakens is this moment in time for 2015. Fans, strangers and even families are coming together to celebrate this epic film even though nobody knows exactly how the story will play out. Locals in Hollywood are going to see an epic premiere with pomp and circumstance included!

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