Super Bowl commercials get finishing touches in Hollywood

Super bowl commercials for 2016 are the big hype around Hollywood this week. Between all the award shows and TV programs, the ads for the big NFL game are getting a lot of focus as the big NFL game is only weeks away. It’s almost strange that once a year we turn our attention from football to the actual commercials that run in-between the game. Perhaps we’ve become so desensitized we don’t even really notice how much hype is part of the Super Bowl commercials compared to the game, but then again it’s become a tradition to watch and see what advertisers come up with.

Super Bowl commercials are watched closely

Super Bowl commercials have evolved over the years. Before it was the hype of what a brand would share with the world. Considering that the 30-second spot might be short, there was a lot of excitement built up for a mini moment. Then the audience wanted to know more. Now there are video pre-ads to the Super Bowl Commercials and then afterwards companies released videos on how the ads were made. Of course the celebrities involved in the commercials are available for interviews (both before and after) and the premise of every second of the commercial is discussed. At some point, and it might be in-between all the ad talk, the Super Bowl plays are discussed too.

It’s really become an American traditions to watch all the Super Bowl commercials on game day. It’s not just during the game either. This year there appears to be a big hashtag push and the extra excitement of what might be seen on social media. Which brings me to the finishing touches Hollywood is putting on Super Bowl commercials. Right now the decisions are being made on what is going to be talked about during this big day. Around Hollywood there is filming, editing and final discussions for these 30-second spots slated to be shown to the world. And the pressure is on as maximum impact must be thrust on the viewing audience with not a second to spare.

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