Taylor Swift needs a haircut: ‘My bangs are long enough’

Taylor Swift hair is always a discussion for the fans. Apparently the artist needs a haircut and she admitted so herself. The popular entertainer might love to perform for the masses, but the star seemed to be dishing too much information to her fans on Tuesday. Offering a look at her messy hairstyle, the star admitted her bangs are way too long.

“While in the studio I came to the realization that my bangs are long enough to use as a sleep mask on…” tweeted Taylor Swift from her official Twitter account. Sharing a picture with her message, the star showcased how long her hair was in the front of her face with the fans unable to see her eye.

Taylor Swift hair

Taylor Swift hair (Twitter)

The fashion and style of Taylor Swift is always being scrutinized by the fans who adore her. As of lately the star has been more open than ever that she isn’t quite as perfect as most people assume. Revealing her hair issue might have some fans thinking she needs a haircut badly or that she should let it grow out dropping the bangs altogether.

It’s still very odd that Taylor Swift decided to make her bangs a fan issue, but then again maybe she is trying to tell us something!

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