Times Square Ball redone for 2014; Dick Clark is nothing but a distant memory

When the Times Square Ball drops on New Year’s Eve it will be special to one 12-year-old girl who is a St. Jude patient. All the Waterford crystal panels on the ball this year are brand new. And every year for the next ten years a theme will be shared. The first edition which is called ‘the gift of imagination,’ and every year for the next ten years we are going to unveil a new gift.

Do you remember who was honored during the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square last year? Dick Clark’s widow was on top of the building with the ball and put in several special crystal panels in his honor. Now that the tradition that Dick Clark started has passed on to new hands, it appears there is a whole new twist to celebrating the new year.

Times Square ball honors dick clark

Times Square ball honors Dick Clark

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