TV fashion? Viewers dress like characters (even when it’s not Halloween)

TV fashion is becoming popular. Well, technically it’s always been popular, but it’s taking on a life of it’s own and appears to be outselling movie fashion. As we watch the world increase in a digital way, it’s obvious that the once obscure quote on a t-shirt has developed. Now TV fashion is mimicking the way a character dresses – from head to toe.

Movie stars have always impacted fashion. From the way they dress on the red carpet to what they wear when portraying a character. However, as of lately, the movie fashion seems less accessible by viewers. Yes, people like you and me aren’t buying the high ticket priced items as it’s just way over budget.

The typical TV t-shirts and movie t-shirts with a quote on the front (or a design) have always been popular with viewers. Bonding fans together, the identifying quotes and images have people excited to talk about the shows and the shirts weren’t too expensive.

Now TV fashion is going a step further.

Viewers are actually starting to dress like their favorite characters with a twist on TV fashion. Mimicking colors, styles and even designer labels, viewers are getting into the look of the character as well as the focus of the show all by dressing the part. And the best thing about this new trend is that it won’t be breaking the bank. As most TV characters are based on normal folks, the idea that the clothes could be far less expensive than what is worn on the red carpet is completely possible.

Of course, it’s still extremely cool to dress up like your favorite TV character for Halloween. The only difference is now it is completely acceptable to wear those items the other 364 days too.

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