Twitter Where Art thou? Are ‘DWTS’ contestant’s social media followers helping scores?

Have you have been watching Dancing With the Stars lately?

There have been some shocking results the past few weeks. The ballroom has brought some great performances to the fans this season, but with the results, devotees are starting to analyze just how much of the population has resorted to watching instead of voting. The Dancing With the Stars Twitter stream is full of messages, but is anyone listening?

Last week the results of Nicole “Snooki” getting the boot provides some indication that fans, especially those folks on Twitter and Facebook, have no interest in doing more than watching the entertainer. And there isn’t any proof they are even tuning in. In fact, Snooki joined Bill Nye and Christina Milian in an extraordinary dynamic to have more than a MILLION followers on Twitter (in the top four of social media accounts personally held by the contestants,) but axed none the less.

Quality Twitter Followers or Quantity Twitter Followers?

How’s this possible? It seems pretty remarkable that the scores on the dance floor are fairly competitive and yet, no votes? Silence from voters is an epic disaster for any contestant. This is hard to believe that people aren’t voting as the contestants who left the show have a boatload (or more) of Dancing with the Stars Twitter followers.

If you check out the DWTS contestant’s social media accounts, take a peek at how much they interact Bill, Snooki and Christina are non-stop self-promoters. While the other stars appear to have timelines that offer a look at their life, point out charity projects and interact with others, the three booted stars talk relentlessly about themselves, their projects, offering their brand name items for sale and repeatedly post self-portraits. During the voting period, there were plenty of tweets by the stars but compared to the other contestants, those stars with a million or more followers asked for votes twice as often as their competitors.

DWTS - Cher

DWTS – Cher
(Twitter/DWTS Official)

There has always been this notion that big follower numbers of a Twitter account means people are famous. OR that a large social media account means they have a public presence in any project they touch. Apparently that isn’t entirely true.

With Snooki being cut from Dancing With the Stars, people have to really ask how does social media feed into reality shows? Snooki’s Twitter had six million people on her account when axed from the show, but she couldn’t convince people to help her stay on the show one more week by voting? Yeah, that is insane.

It appears that the 140 character messages really don’t mean that much after all. In the case of Dancing With the Stars, if someone like Bill Engvall can be in the competition with only 96,643 followers and survive, it goes to show the quality of support he has from fans. This obviously mean on Twitter quality fans who really hear the stars beats quantity! And Bill Engvall survived another week to prove it!


Current Twitter Follower Numbers for Dancing With the Stars contestants:

AMBER RILEY 1,183,000




CORBIN BLEU 1,039,000



Axed Dancing With the Stars contestants:

X BILL NYE 1,043,000





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