Underwear as outerwear? New fashion has undies over clothes

Fashion knows no limits. Perhaps that is why the latest fashion of underwear as outerwear is not too surprising. This trend is slowly popping up around the world and offers an interesting perspective of what your undies might look like on the outside of your clothing. The latest trend is being done tastefully, so unless  the fashion is recognized, this intriguing look might not be even noticed.

The fashion rule of thumb is that people are limited to one lingerie-inspired element at a time and usually the ladies are focused on slips, spandex and other under garments that probably could be easily mistaken for regular clothes. Another rule that this fashion trend is not too much lace. Apparently, people who wear clothes need to be reminded that lacy items might be an obvious factor for underwear. Now there are a few extreme fashion folks who are actually putting their underwear over their clothes (Captain Underpants would be so proud) but most folks are being quieter with their choices.

The trend of underwear as outerwear could be problematic for those folks who have jobs or go to school. The dress codes are tighter and it’s possible the look might not be appreciated. However, it’s doubtful that would stop this latest trend from going full throttle. You can wear your underwear anywhere you like when crossing the street, so expect someone to be trying out this latest trend.

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