Universal Studios Halloween plans: Park reveals new maze

Universal Studios has people thinking about Halloween and how they will be scared silly in the months ahead. It’s only August and the temperatures are near triple digits, but when autumn arrives it appears that people will be frightened to the core at the popular theme park. The masked horror movie icon Michael Myers will be returning to Universal Studios Halloween to spread his terror in a new maze and the response from the fans have been a delightful collective scream.

Every year the theme parks come up with some scary stuff and it appears that 2015 is no exception. Making a point to make the season bigger and better than the previous year, this year the screams will be heard even more. Universal Studios Hollywood always finds a way to incorporate a commercial theme or character and this year the character Mike Myers seems to be the perfect choice.

The announcement of Universal Studios is one of several expected over the next few weeks. The biggest and perhaps scariest of them all is a Halloween night at Knotts Berry Farm. The spooky mazes, terrifying tours and over the top Halloween antics at this theme park is always worth seeing. A short trip from downtown Los Angeles, it’s one place that will keep you up all night even after returning home.

Halloween is big in Los Angeles and people are already considering how they are going to take part in the evening. While most places around the country are worried about how to stay cool, in Southern California people are trying to decide which theme park to go to first. Will it be Universal Studios Hollywood? Or Knotts Berry Farm? For those folks who want a little less intense experience, the choice of Disneyland might be the best to spend the night with Mickey Mouse.

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