‘The Voice,’ ‘Dancing With the Stars’ have fans begging for tickets

Dancing With the StarsWant to see The Voice or looking to watch the stars dance live on Dancing With the Stars? Well, you and thousands of other viewers who want to see the television magic might be out of luck. The idea of begging for tickets shouldn’t be out of the question this year as there is so much competition that watching the shows live might be harder than winning the lottery.

The Voice has Gwen Stefani gracing their stage this year as a coach and she is a powerful combination of brains and beauty. Add that the competition between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton adds a rivalry component that everyone wants to watch. The live shows of The Voice haven’t started yet, but when they do the seats are going to be limited.

Dancing With the Stars has a lovely studio showcasing the celebrities taking the stage, but getting a ticket for this show is even harder. Just because you might be on a wait list doesn’t imply you can get into the studio. With so many celebrities taking up seats, the audience full of fans supporting the stars has become less of an interest for the show. Last year it took several tries for me to even get to see a live competition and this season I know someone who has already been turned down twice and she showed up way early for the call time and there was still no room.

Reality shows might be on the way out, but for these two popular Hollywood shows the chance to see the stars live is a dream come true. Leaving the fans fiercely competing over only a limited number of tickets. Begging might be the only logical choice.

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