How much would you pay to watch? Early release of Hollywood movies has a price

Hollywood movies are a commodity when it comes to early release. While it’s not suppose to happen, bootlegging salesmen (both on and off the web) are still taking a bite out of profits in the first few weeks of the release. For a while the entertainment industry has struggled with what to do about this. Some believe there is more money to be made releasing movies shortly after they hit the theaters. Other professionals suggest there should be a more traditional approach to releasing the films. Considering the merchandising, the planning and whether the movie plays to the audience, there are so many variables.

Hollywood movies might get an early release

Hollywood movies are once again being considered for an early release. Looking at a minimum of 2-weeks, but as long as a month after hitting the theaters, the idea is to actually keep the momentum of the film alive by offering it again to another avenue of users. Yet, this will come with a price. Batting around the costs of $30 – $50 bucks, this service would be one that might appease the diehard fan or family gathering, but wouldn’t be best suited for anyone else who might opt to wait a month or two more to save some cash.

The idea of releasing movies sooner than later isn’t anything new. Hollywood movies have a formula that’s worked for decades. The addition of digital and all things electronic has changed the face of the world. Leaving people questioning how and why shouldn’t the timelines of movies change too. Ultimately this equation depends on the movie fans too. How much will they pay and how soon would they want access to the movies outside of the theater? There won’t be one solid answer for this question either. Each studio is grappling with their own formula that works for their bottom line.

In the end, the Hollywood movies are still being released as they once were. And the bootleggers are still making a bundle. It’s going to be changing though and when it does the fans of Hollywood will be winners!

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