Wheel of Fortune: Game show taping at Sony

Wheel of Fortune studio

Wheel of Fortune studio

There is something quite amazing about walking around a studio lot.  Most of the studios are comprised of big buildings where television shows are produced. Looking more like barns than skyscrapers, the large shells of the buildings allows a stage to be built as the producers put together a vision of a show.

It could be a sitcom, a talk show or like today when I slowly walked by a studio at the Sony Picture lot it was the Wheel of Fortune set. I got the chance to view a live show and had to walk by this Wheel of Fortune sign that was absolutely mammoth. The game is actually played on the lot. I couldn’t help but to stop and take a quick photo before moving on with my group.

Everyone was in awe of all the signs setting just inside the stage door  too. There were logos, signs highlighting themed weeks and other Wheel of Fortune stuff. It was the storage area of the studio, and it was all too obvious the game was played just on the other side of the wall.

Watching the game live at the studio is nothing like seeing it on TV. The contestants are in a pressure cooker environment with no do overs. Nobody is allowed to yell out the answers either (you can only do that at home.) Yes, the letter board where Vanna White works is big, but the wheel is smaller than seen on TV. And host Pat Sajak keeps the game moving just like we see on TV. Typically, a day’s worth of taping is more than one show. With commercials fans might watch a 30-minute game, but take out the commercials and the show is typically 22 minutes.

Which brings me back to this gigantic sign highlighting the game show that America loves. It’s over four floors high and very impressive. Wheel of Fortune has been around for what seems like forever. The cars, cash and money lures in viewers along with all those phrases. so expect that it will be around for years to come too.

If you haven’t seen the studio inside before, take a peek at the studio tour online. It gives an awesome overview on how the stage looks (just like the live audience gets to see it.) Or if visiting Los Angeles, pick up a free ticket and attend a taping.



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