Where to see celebrities in Hollywood? Follow the paparazzi

Wouldn’t it be fun to be part of the paparazzi and meat famous people? In the summer people come to Hollywood from around the world to visit. While most folks enjoy the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the museums and even a show, most people would give it all up to see a celebrity. In fact, more often than not, I get calls from people I know who have come to town to see a star in action. It doesn’t matter if the celebrity is eating, driving or on set as long as they can be seen.

With the upcoming fall TV season approaching, the film crews are starting to hit the streets around Los Angeles. Technically, unless it is an award show night, it’s not likely to be seeing a star in Hollywood, but that’s only one small area of the city. Long Beach, Culver City and even Santa Monica have film crews out working on scenes. It is a safe bet that celebrities are close if cameras are rolling.

Another great place to find stars is close to the studios. Whether it is FOX, Sony or Universal Studios, these areas always seem to have famous faces strolling around the area, especially during the lunch hours.

Of course if you can’t find any famous people, then the best thing to do is follow the crowds of paparazzi. When a famous person is spotted, the people with the cameras quickly come to take as many pictures as they can to sell to the tabloids. If you follow the people with the

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