Who answers Family Feud surveys? Game show fans wonder

The popularity of Celebrity Family Feud recently has brought hours of entertainment back to prime time, and it has raised some questions behind those answers. Who answers the Family Feud surveys? The series premiered in 1976 and thousands of questions have been asked to contestants over the years. In fact, people who immigrate to the United States use this game show to help them understand the culture of the country in what might be considered a crash course in popularity.

So how does Family Feud find answers to their survey to know what America says? Watching the show on primetime, this question piqued my interest. I have always wondered how the show gets fair, honest answers without someone suggesting something insane. Add that 100 people (or sometimes just men or just women) respond, and it has to be fairly complicated to get a solid countdown.

Apparently people who have been part of the surveys have spoken up on how they were approached. One way that allegedly is surveyed is by using questions which are funneled to market research sites who ask people via email the questions. According to people who have actually been part of surveys, it’s pretty obvious the questions are from the show and appear a couple month later after their responses.

Another way that seems to be offering answers to the survey is in person. People have suggested they are approached in malls and other public places to be asked questions. Of course, there is no official mention of the gameshow, but the survey takers suggest their answers are seen only months later on Family Feud.

Since the show has been filmed for years, there isn’t any doubt the producers know what type of questions to ask and the typical answers that could be received. Add that they find out the top answers on the board by finding 100 people who are willing to give their best response just to be part of the process. The TV contestants need to be pretty well-rounded to know what the “Survey Said” and take home cash. While everyone at home keeps yelling out the answers as if they know everything. Perhaps that is why the show is very popular with the people as there is no pressure on the couch, just the luxury to seem to know all the answers on the board as we are being entertained

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