Who Owns Hollywood? It’s a Disney, Comcast, Fox shuffle

Who owns Hollywood? At the moment the world is watching as big companies start a massive rush to see who can buy who. This giant shuffle isn’t something to take lightly either. The unique aspect of this situation is that it’s highly possible the outcome will benefit the fans. There will be more opportunity to see programs you want to see.

Why does it matter who owns Hollywood?

It’s all about the intellectual property at hand. Some of the biggest celebrities are attached to highly profitable scripts and movies. The chance to have those opportunities is up for grabs. It’s also a great way to further the overall hope to keep making sequels for years to come.

Who owns Hollywood

Whomever owns Hollywood gets direct access to fans

The chance to have a direct connection with viewers is becoming more and more essential. When the federal judge approved AT&T’s $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner this week, he changed the playing field of Hollywood. Well, technically, Amazon and Netfix changed the playing field to start.

The beginning of TV and movies offered viewers creative content and there wasn’t much choice. Now when you click on the remote it’s all about choices. If you don’t like a program, you probably will turn the channel. That click is a loss of cash for big companies.

Which is why the access to fans is extremely important. If  larger companies have the licensing for intellectual properties, the big name stars and the platforms to showcase the shows, it’s a more plug and play scenario. In the long run, companies will save money with all the elements under one roof.

Does anyone really own Hollywood?

Technically. there is no immediate glory to anyone who owns Hollywood. People are already upset with the idea of changes on the Time Warner deal. However TV isn’t what it used to be. The less risky idea to have a really big company get bigger seems to be better than staying the same. All the scandals right now have people on edge. Yet, the risk offers up a big reward. If people do their best, maybe this will give new hope to old material and allow new ideas to flow to the top.

What matters in the end of this shuffle?

What really matters at the end of this shuffle is one thing: The Fans. If the entertainment business really does flourish to a more positive position it’s going to be a win for those folks at home watching. It truly doesn’t matter if a company producing a show has 40 people employed there or 40,000. What does matter is that behind the scenes employees are treated fairly, the business follows the rules of the land and that the programs are well produced to create enjoyment.

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