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Red carpet fun: 2018 Hollywood award show season kicks off

HOllywood Award show season If you are lucky enough to walk the red carpet in the next six weeks, it’s likely that you’re heading to a 2018 Hollywood award show. The season kicks off this weekend and will last until the middle of March. Plenty of famous people will be in Hollywood (and around town) enjoying the opportunity to […] Read More

Jodi's Column: TV + Entrepreneur = Business

Hollywood writing over coffee making? Why I fail outside of words

katie couric wedding Hollywood writing is always what I have dreamed about. Then I moved to Hollywood and actually did it. The joy of pursuing what you love and then making it happen is always the best feeling on earth. What isn't the best feeling? When you hit a rough patch. Read More

Jodi's Look: For the Love of Disney!

Downtown Disney Anna and Elsa Boutique: Disney’s Frozen fans delight

Downtown Disney Anna and Elsa Boutique is the place for Disney’s Frozen fanatics to start. It might have opened a few months ago, but this location is still the hot spot for all the “Frozen” frenzy. Disney's movie created an international sensation. Read More