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Is Hollywood a real place? A question many visitors ask

Is Hollywood a real place? This summer the crowds of the entertainment fans will flood the streets of Los Angeles looking for the best of the movie and TV business. While many are looking for that big white sign on the edge of the summit, there seems to be a question around the reality of this community. READ MORE

Who Owns Hollywood? It’s a Disney, Comcast, Fox shuffle

Who owns Hollywood Who owns Hollywood? At the moment the world is watching as big companies start a massive rush to see who can buy who. This giant shuffle isn’t something to take lightly either. The unique aspect of this situation is that it’s highly possible the outcome will benefit the fans. There will be more opportunity to […] READ MORE

A Hollywood Summer: Enjoying SoCal during the best time of the year

Hollywood Summer Can you believe it? It's a Hollywood Summer! The calendar might be rolling past June, but the visitors have revved up to enjoy the sun and fun around SoCal. It might sound odd, but a Hollywood summer is one of the best times of the year. READ MORE

Jodi's Column: TV + Entrepreneur = Business

Hollywood: Stars, Movies & TV is exactly where I want to be

Hollywood sign Hollywood is the mecca of the entertainment world. You don’t need me to tell you that. Just come to the area of Los Angeles and have a look around. Lights, camera and even action are seen in abundance. Hollywood is a rough around the edges at points, but it’s a magical location that brings the […] Read More

Jodi's Look: For the Love of Disney!

Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride opening: First Dive Coaster in California

Hangtime Ride knotts berry farms 2018 Looking to check out the Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride? It’s opening in 2018 and fans of the theme park can hardly wait. Well, even if they are first in line, they need to be prepared as this isn’t like any other roller coaster in California. It’s the first dive coaster on the West Coast and it’s going to be an epic ride. Read More