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    Jodi Jill is an enthusiastic and experienced speaker who inspires. Comfortable sharing her story of her childhood and reflecting on her life journey to an... Read More

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    Family Freebies Shares the Best of SoCal! Free? Really? Yes! Family Freebies is packed with ideas on short jaunts around the area that are perfect for afternoon... Read More

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    Have you checked out Jodi Jill’s books lately? The author currently has new titles online in 2014 that include topics about Disneyland, online writing, travel... Read More

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    Jodi Jill has a passion for words. The accomplished writer had a difficult background with extraordinary challenges to overcome, but she hasn’t let that slow... Read More

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Hollywood cruising; guided tours bring in the crowds

hollywood guided tours Chasing the stars has become a big business, even for the guided tours. Driving by really slow on Sunset Boulevard to check out the restaurants with patios, the drivers are hoping to show at least one star during the two hour tour. While it's rare, depending on the time of day, it is possible. It's that elusive dream of meeting a star that the guided tours bank on for customers and it's a catch when it happens. Read More