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Dolby Theatre hosts ‘America’s Got Talent’

Dolby Theater hosts America's Got Talent this week

Dolby Theater hosts America’s Got Talent this week

America’s Got Talent has returned to Hollywood, but only for a few days. The first taping of a week long extravaganza is on Monday. Offering up a look at the show that once called Hollywood home, I got tickets for the first show at noon cause I wanted to see how show has progressed over the years.

Lining up at the Dolby at Hollywood and Highland, I admit to have been thinking about the “other side” of the street. You know, next to Disney’s El Capitan theater is that new Ghirardelli Soda Fountain shop which is inside the Disney store. Technically, it’s all one place. Unofficially, it’s chocolate paradise with Mickey ears.

Anyway, I asked and we were early enough to run to the car (my safe word for chocolate sundae) and still keep a place in line. They said yes. Don’t ask twice is my motto. And I took off hauling across the street for the dream food of a Hollywood moment.

Two words that describe this line: chocolate heaven. The show has yet to start, but I assume after that delicious treat, it can only get better. And my seat in the theater? I can’t complain. I can see virtually everything. The only issue? I might have had a bit more sugar than necessary. Sitting in this chair makes me rather jumpy. I will be clapping plenty.

The tickets are still available for Hollywood shows that are taping this week (I keep getting asked t come to more shows) so consider coming to see the show that once was taped in the area. As for the Ghirardelli treat, the store is new to the area and the sweetest edition to the neighborhood.

Posted On 21 Apr 2014

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