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Grumpy for 90th Annual Academy Awards? Stars fasting day before Oscars 2018

Oscars 2018 food fasting starts before weekend How do you know it's time for the Oscars 2018 to begin? If you're in Los Angeles and you walked by a grumpy person on the street who seemed to be staring at your takeout intently. Well, they probably have a ticket to the 90th Annual Academy Awards. Yes, it's barely 24-hours away, but the hunger in famous folks' eyes has set in. Fasting before Oscars 2018? It's a thing in Hollywood. Thinking stars look good walking down the red carpet of the Academy Awards. Well, they do and a lot of effort goes into making a big presentation. There is the fashion, the fitness and the perfect dimensions for the cameras. All of which becomes a serious reality to make happen about a week before the Oscars 2018 red carpet. The stars are extremely serious. They get their hair, nail and any other small thing done at least twice before the show. Then they pretty much stop eating. READ MORE

Are Hollywood and Los Angeles the same thing? Fans, visitors wonder

are Hollywood and Los Angeles the same thing Have you every wondered are Hollywood and Los Angeles the same thing? This question is not uncommon when it comes to visitors checking out the city. Or even the guests who consider coming to the area. It's asked more often than not actually. Frankly, it's one of the situations where people might be thinking a little too much (or not enough depending on how you look at it.) Are Hollywood and Los Angeles the same thing? Yes and no. There is, technically, no city of Hollywood. It's considered a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California. It is the area were you can cast your eye to the hills and see the famous Hollywood sign. The location where you can stroll around looking at the Hollywood Walk of Fame that offers hundreds of stars on the sidewalk too. While you might be tempted to think this is it's own city, technically it's not. READ MORE

Hollywood Bowl 2018 Shows: Go to have once in a lifetime experience

Hollywood Bowl 2018 schedule released The Hollywood Bowl 2018 shows schedule has fans of the venue screaming for joy. Locals know it's a great place to check out the best shows with a relaxed venue to boot. Obviously it's been known for decades as the place to enjoy a good show. When it comes to venues, perhaps the locals enjoy bragging on their favorite spots. That's why it's not uncommon to hear about some great press over the Hollywood Bowl 2018 schedule. However, this so-called press is actually more word of mouth. People just love sharing their favorite past moment attending a show, a concert or a performance and how they were moved. One of the most popular shows of the venue has to be the movie nights. READ MORE

Jodi's Column: TV + Entrepreneur = Business

Hollywood: Stars, Movies & TV is exactly where I want to be

Hollywood sign Hollywood is the mecca of the entertainment world. You don’t need me to tell you that. Just come to the area of Los Angeles and have a look around. Lights, camera and even action are seen in abundance. Hollywood is a rough around the edges at points, but it’s a magical location that brings the […] Read More

Jodi's Look: For the Love of Disney!

Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride opening: First Dive Coaster in California

Hangtime Ride knotts berry farms 2018 Looking to check out the Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride? It’s opening in 2018 and fans of the theme park can hardly wait. Well, even if they are first in line, they need to be prepared as this isn’t like any other roller coaster in California. It’s the first dive coaster on the West Coast and it’s going to be an epic ride. Read More