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National BobbleHead Day 2019: Have you Been to the Hall of Fame

National BobbleHead day 2019 is January 7th (on social media tag your content #Nationabbobbleheadday or #bobbleheadday) and I'm wondering, how many have bobbleheads have you collected? Yes, it's a thing READ MORE

Hollywood’s impact this fall 2018: School kids offered teacher resources

school kids with Hollywood's help The 2018-19 school year is upon us. The school kids are excited to meet their new classmates, and the teachers are getting ready to share new lessons. This leaves many people asking what impact Hollywood might have on the upcoming school year. READ MORE

Too Many Classic TV comebacks? Murphy Brown joins TV’s fall lineup

Hollywood's classic tv comebacks Are there too many classic TV comebacks in our near future? Will TV this Fall be a heavy lineup of programs offering a flash from the past? The odd thing about television viewing these days is that we are revisiting successful shows that ended decades go. READ MORE

Jodi's Column: TV + Entrepreneur = Business

Hollywood: Stars, Movies & TV is exactly where I want to be

Hollywood sign Hollywood is the mecca of the entertainment world. You don’t need me to tell you that. Just come to the area of Los Angeles and have a look around. Lights, camera and even action are seen in abundance. Hollywood is a rough around the edges at points, but it’s a magical location that brings the […] Read More

Jodi's Look: For the Love of Disney!

Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride opening: First Dive Coaster in California

Hangtime Ride knotts berry farms 2018 Looking to check out the Knotts Berry Farm Hangtime ride? It’s opening in 2018 and fans of the theme park can hardly wait. Well, even if they are first in line, they need to be prepared as this isn’t like any other roller coaster in California. It’s the first dive coaster on the West Coast and it’s going to be an epic ride. Read More